Our candles are „personalities“. Each candle is different (as we all are) and it is just up to you to discover its inner soul, which is close to yours… The price of each candle type is always the same, no matter the colour design and eventual graphical decoration. We are ready to make any extra shape and size according to your special wishes.

  • Block 60×60×150

    Clear shapes, solidity. In darker shades this candle impresses very exclusively. But we mostly like it in wine red design (photo). In any case, an impressive interior accessory.

  • High block 50×50×210

    Proud, maybe a bit self-opinionated candle. Svelte ballerina. Always highly visible.

  • Drop 77×57×200

    Exclusive candle, which creates unbelievable textures and shapes of its skeleton when burning. It will absolutely amaze you after partly burning-out of its inner part of wax! Speciality and unusualness of palm wax excels mostly just with this candle.

  • Wave 150×40×170

    Just noble. And demanding as well. Hates draught. This is really not an ordinary candle. If you want something extraordinary, do not waver. However, you have to give it your care and love. Then it will reward you with an amazing spectacle during its gradual burning through.

  • Star

    Our prettiest, but you have to find out on your own.

  • Big ball 100

    Classic shape. On nice candlestick it showes up best in the middle of eating or coffee table. Simple and loyal.

  • Small ball 80

    Cute small present…